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How often should you Bath your Dog? 

The regularity of bathing our best friend is a common topic amongst owners.  It obviously varies for each breed of Dog, based on their shedding of hair and their general activity.  When I talk to other Dog owners, their responses do vary quite a lot, even with similar breeds. I recently viewed an interesting article on this topic, which you can read here

Living in an Apartment with your Dog

Apartment living across the world is increasing, as is owning a Dog.  Slowly we are now seeing that our furry friends are being accepted members of apartment lifestyle.  This provides great benefits to both our wellbeing, and also the socialisation of our pets.  ABC recently published this article which outlines changes taking place in Australia, as Strata rules begin to accommodate today's society. 


Do Women Sleep Better Next to a Dog or a Man?

Take a look at this interesting article from Psychology Today, which talks about how the sleep rhythm of Dogs can help your sleeping patterns  read article

Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Best Friend

As February 14 approaches, you are probably thinking about how you can spoil your fur baby this year.  Last year over 3 million Australian's planned to buy a Valentine's gift for their Dog.  Keeping in mind that your Dog values your presence above all else, here are a few ideas which will allow you to care for the Mind, Body and Soul of your pooch:
1) Treat your Dog to a massage.  This will promote the calm and zen within your best friend.
2) How about a Photo Shoot where you spend time posing with pooch.
3) Go out together for a Picnic to their favourite location to relax and play
4) Prepare a relaxing Bubble Bath for your best friend to enjoy
5) Enjoy a weekend away at a Pet friendly location for you both to enjoy