A Guide To Care Your Pet Dogs During Summer

In places like Australia, summer is not so the welcoming season for many Dogs, as the effects of heat will be high. For a human, there are several activities like drinking cold drinks, swimming, moving to some cool places, etc. that will help to save them from the terrible heat. Likewise, Pet dogs cannot easily tolerate the summer heat and certain measures need to be taken to make them comfortable. Consider the best pet supplies which can help you with some tips to fight against the climatic conditions.

Best Pet Supplies
360 degree Shower Kit

If you don’t take the correct measures to care for your pet, it may get affected by different diseases that cause organ failure, brain damage, seizures, haemorrhages, convulsions, and blindness. Always remember that dogs will be prone to injuries and illnesses due to the change in climatic conditions. Here are certain tips that will help you in saving your pets form such terrible temperatures:

Make them cool

Like humans, dogs also have to be given shelter in shaded areas, in particular, if you have a Pug, English bulldog, French bulldog, or similar breed that have a short nose or flat face.  This is because these breeds are most susceptible to heat strokes. Further, if there are any changes in the activities of the dogs, you can visit the right dog grooming Supplies.

Dog Grooming Supplies

Pet Grooming Glove

Use the right products to keep them comfortable

You can also make use of certain products like the pet cooling mats that will help your pets to enjoy the warmer season. Make sure that you buy the breathable fabric without the presence of any chemicals, glues, polymers or crystals considering the health of your pet.

Pet Cooling Mat

Pet Cooling Mat

Provide plenty of Fresh Water

Water is not only the best medicine to keep a number of diseases away from humans during summer, but it is also significant for the dogs too. They need to consume more cool water for maintaining the temperature of their bodies. Make sure that the water bowl is placed in the shade, because the water should not get hot from the sun, and you can also add some ice cubes to it.

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Dog Water Dispenser

Take care of their paws

Dog Paws are always in contact with hard surfaces such as the land. When your pet is moving on the hot floor, there are more chances for it to damage their paws. It is better to take a walk early in the morning or evening where the effect of heat is low. Just touch the floor with your hands for 5 seconds, if the heat is tolerable, your pet can also tolerate. If not, the heat will hurt the paws of your dogs as well.

Dog Supplies Online

Paw cleaning cup

Save them from parasites

During summers, your pet can be easily affected by parasites like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. If your pets are not protected from these parasites, there are more chances for them to get affected by diseases like contracting heartworm, Lyme diseases, etc. Also, remember that the human may also easily get affected by such diseases from pets.

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