How to Leave Your Dog When You go on Vacation or Travel

When you choose to adopt a dog, you agree to accept him/her as a member of your family. Naturally, the decision to leave him/her behind when you have to travel for leisure or business purposes is going to be difficult. You aim to keep your four-legged family member safe and comfortable during your absence. That is why you should plan in advance. Going on a trip with your doggie is entirely possible these days. Your dog will explore the world with you. However, letting your pooch accompany you isn’t possible every time. Many hotels and restaurants don’t allow dogs and you should never leave him/her alone inside a car. So, what will you do?

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Ensuring the best care

Of course, you have to make sure that your pet receives the best care possible when you aren’t there to look after him/her. The providers of Dog Grooming Supplies that operate via Zen Dog Zone suggest several options for you on this topic. The choices that you can avail will depend on where you live. You have to create a situation where your dog will feel safe without you, and it should closely resemble the environment of your house. Your doggie can feel nervous if left among other dogs primarily because he/she is a household pet. Then again, it isn’t always possible to prioritize your dog’s happiness. While weighing your options, the most important considerations include keeping your pet safe and properly cared for.

1.With the local veterinarian: The sellers of Dog water dispenser suggest you leave your dog with the local vet. Many pet doctors offer boarding services for both cats and dogs. It is an excellent option for dogs that need frequent medical attention or careful monitoring. Otherwise, you should never leave your healthy pet among sick, injured, and distressed animals.

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2. At home with a sitter: If you trust someone to stay in your home, then you can appoint that person as a sitter for your dog. This option won’t affect your dog’s everyday routine. It also ensures that your pet receives the best care. Appointing someone to look after your house as well as your pet further minimizes risks associated with security. You should only trust your friends or family members for this task. You may also consider hiring a pet sitter from a reputable service provider.

3.To a sitter’s home: You may also think about doing it the other way around by sending your pet to a sitter’s house. This option allows dogs to experience the comfort of living in a homely environment. Besides, it also reduces the expenses that you have to bear if you ask a sitter to stay at your home. Then again, this option works well with well-behaved and properly socialized dogs.

At a kennel

The final option is to send your dog to a kennel. Unfortunately, kennels have ill-repute since they often keep the animals inside tiny cages with hundreds of other miserable, feral dogs. Such scenarios exist even today, but most kennels are now better than they were before. You will find clean and spacious kennels where the operators take proper care of all the dogs boarded there. Otherwise, you can send Fido to a rustic dog resort, a spa, and other such institutions. However, your expenses will increase quite a lot with these options.

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